Sky Moves Sideways     Delerium     CD
Up The Downstair     Delerium     CD
Voyage 34 - The Complete Trip     Delerium     CD
Voyage 34 Ltd.     K-Scope     2LP180G
Signify     Delerium     CD / 2CD
Signify Ltd.     K-Scope     2LP180G
Coma Divine     Delerium     CD
Coma Divine Ltd.     K-Scope     3LP 180G
Stupid Dream     Snapper     CD / CD+DVDA
In Absentia     Lava Records     2CD
Nil Recurring     K-Scope     LP180G COLOR LIMITED
Fear of a Blank Planet     K-Scope     CD / 2LP180G
Lightbulb Sun     Snapper Music     CD / CD+DVDA
The Incident     Roadrunner Records     CD
Warszawa     K-Scope     CD
Up The Downstair     K-Scope     2LP180G